Located in Kelowna, B.C. Lever Mechanical Ltd. offers the following Services for Commercial and Industrial Properties/Businesses

Gas Fitting

The Class “A” Gas fitters at Lever Mechanical Ltd. work on a variety or Businesses throughout the Okanagan Area and Beyond. We perform all services as well as jobs that don’t require Class ”A” Fitters, including but not limited to:

Boilers and Steam Fitting
HVAC and Refrigeration
Indirect/Direct Fired Make up Air Units

HVAC & Refrigeration

Standing for “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, HVAC Systems are crucial to maintain Healthy Filtered Air and Ventilation throughout your Office, Warehouse or other Facilities. Refrigeration Systems also require maintenance to keep the product refrigerated and preventing down time or product loss.

By setting up a Customizable Maintenance Program for your HVAC and Refrigeration systems with Lever Mechanical Ltd., you not only avoid potential costly repairs down the line but also ensure the safety of both your staff and your customers.

Make Up Air Systems


Make up Air Systems help replace the Air that is driven by fans through the air duct distribution system with fresh air. This is important in any Commercial and Industrial Environment including, Paint Booths, Kitchens and Hallways. This includes ERV, Energy Recovery Ventilation or HRV, Heat Recovery Ventilation in some applications where the building needs to recover heat from the building or cooling in some case to lower energy costs. Having a system that isn’t efficient becomes a loss of efficiency and could end up costing more to fix than to Maintain.

Our Professional Technicians are trained to work on both Indirect and Direct fired Make up Air Systems, give us a call to set up a service call today!

Customizable Maintenance Programs

Lever Mechanical Ltd. has several maintenance programs that fit a variety of Commercial and Industrial Businesses throughout the Okanagan Valley. Our Technicians, fully uniformed, will provide the service that is right for you, from changing filters to servicing equipment that meets or exceeds today’s practices and standards.

You can choose from several options, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or customize something that suits your Business requirements. Give us a call today to find out more and set up your Maintenance Program!

Contact us for all your mechanical needs!